Github Repos

These are my sample code projects on Github and their corresponding blog posts. All of my projects have a supporting article except for mau.

Project Description
condvar Example code for Condition Variable Class in C++.
espcap Example code for Packet Capture with Wireshark and Elasticsearch.
getsomerest Example code for RESTful Web Services with Jersey.
mau Oh My Zsh theme with a little cat twist (no blog for this one).
mtserver Example code for Multithreaded Work Queue Based Server in C++.
mutex Example code for Mutex Class in C++.
rlist Example code for Reverse a Singly Linked List.
sniffer Example code for Develop a Packet Sniffer with Libpcap.
tcpsockets Example code for TCP/IP Network Programming Design Patterns in C++ and TCP/IP Sockets with Time Out Capabilities.
threads Example code for Java Style Threads Class in C++.
using-morphlines Example code for Log Parsing with Morphlines, Parts 1 and 2.
wqueue Example code for Multithreaded Work Queue in C++.
xmldom Example code for XML Parsing With DOM in C++.
xmldom-java Example code for XML Creation and Parsing with DOM.


OSSEC is an open HIDS system that was originally created by Daniel Cid. I got started with the OSSEC Project back when I was working for Trend Micro, which owned the project at the time but wanted to promote it in the open source community. To that end I organized the original series of OSSEC Conferences. I continue to contribute the OSSEC Server virtual appliances. You can find the OSSEC code on Github.